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How to Protect Your Data against Threats

End-to-End Security Solutions for Small Businesses.

The way people work is changing. It should come as no surprise that work is no longer tied to a location. It’s about being productive wherever you work, at any time. In the digital age, workers are connected in more ways than ever as they go through daily routines. And since there’s so much information being shared across various devices, your employees’ data becomes more vulnerable to external threats. Plus, it’s being shared with more people in and outside of traditional firewalls.

Employees will do anything needed to get their jobs done. Sometimes, that means going around security protocols. However, it’s not out of ill will; it’s solely to remain productive.

Let’s examine how employees are sharing information:

  • 72% of employees are willing to share confidential data externally
  • 50% of employees use personal cloud apps and email to share confidential data
  • 41% will work around security safeguards to get work done.

What does this mean for your business?

No matter the size of your business, it faces threats to its assets, corporate data and customer information.

Download this 4-page infographic, which explores evolving work environments and how you can secure your business through trusted devices and infrastructure.